chaos networkDiscover integrative practices for leading dynamically interacting individuals, groups, and processes to enhance organizational resilience, adaptability, and performance in turbulent environments.

The Organizations category will explore the following:


To illuminate the dynamic interaction of organization within context, the Organizational Perspectives section explores the historical foundations of organizational theory, highlighting the various views and central debates that have guided the field, summarizing integrative approaches to these perspectives, and reviewing emerging trends that may influence the field.


Investigating the connection between organizational identity and organizational effectiveness, this section defines organizational identity, explores concepts of group dynamics to establish measurements for organizational effectiveness, assesses Social Identity Theory and frameworks for shaping organizational identity, and considers how organizational identity can hinder an organization's effectiveness.


To determine if a link exists between the learning competency of an organization and its strategic effectiveness, this category explores different and developing definitions of organizational learning, reviews organizational learning literature to discover how organizations learn, and proposes practices for addressing current limitations in organizational learning research.